Mountain Adventure 2019

August 5-11 2019

Here we go again! It’s 2019 and it’s time to head out on another epic adventure. This summer we will be taking a team of Veterans and First Responders on a 7 day mountaineering adventure in Bugaboo Provincial Park, BC. Join a group of warriors from across the country, challenge yourself, learn new skills and be apart of the team again.

One of the best alpine destinations around, “Bugaboo Provincial Park, situated in the Purcell Mountains of southeast British Columbia, continues to draw climbers from around the world to its airy, glacier-sculpted granite spires. With many peaks over 3,000 metres in elevation, the Bugaboos offer awe inspiring mountain and glacier terrain.” - B.C. Parks.


What's included:


  • Mental resiliency

  • Mindfulness

  • Group dynamics

  • Alpine travel

  • Rock climbing

  • Basic survival


  • 1 night in Radium Hot Springs, BC (Phase 1)

  • 5 nights camping in the Bugaboos (Phase 2)


  • With a fire restriction inside the park and because we are required to carry in all of our food, we will mostly be eating freeze dried camping meals. This will be supplemented as best as possible with dried fruit, jerky, trail mix, chocolate/candies and coffee and tea.

Camping equipment provided

  • 3 season tents (2 per tent)

  • 65L, 95L Backpacking packs

  • Climbing harness, helmet and all other required climbing equipment

  • Consumable items: Toilet paper, soap, etc.

  • Cooking stoves and fuel

  • Headlamps

Safety equipment

  • Expedition medical kit

  • SPOT locator and satellite phone

  • Staff trained in wilderness first aid and casualty care

Learn more about our destination

Places to Be: Bugaboo Provincial Park

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What to expect, what to bring:

You do not require any experience in mountaineering or rock climbing to take part in this trip. Some level of experience in outdoor adventure or back country camping is recommended. As well you should be physically fit enough to put in a full days work of hiking and climbing. We will be challenged on the trip, but there will be ample time at the end of the day to rest, relax, and socialize. 

Need to haves: Warm clothes, rain clothes (breathable, wicking, no cotton), good hiking boots (gore-tex or leather outers, ankle high), footwear for camp, sleeping bag & mattress, sunglasses, sunscreen, hat, personal medications, personal hygiene supplies.

Nice to haves: Book, journal, camera.

Program Itinerary:

Phase 1 The trip will begin with guides and participants meeting at Calgary International Airport or our accommodations in Radium Hot Springs. We will spend 1 day covering the basics of mountaineering, the trip details, and getting to know each other before we begin.

Phase 2 Our adventure begins with a 5km hike up to Applebee Dome campground where we will set up our campsite for the trip. During phase 2 we will learn more mountaineering and rock climbing skills, survival skills and mental resiliency techniques. Our team will then use these skills to accomplish our daily tasks. We will be climbing various peaks around the park, including Eastpost Spire, Pigeon Spire and Bugaboo Spire. Completing these challenges while surrounded by mother nature will be a great learning and growing experience. But, personal growth does not come without hard work.

Each day is wrapped up by daily after actions and group chats about lessons learned and personal reflections.

Phase 3 Once our trip is complete, there will be a recap of the trip by the guides, highlighting some of the important moments of the trip. We will share some laughs as we eat our last meal together, and reminisce about our adventure. Everyone that completes a Warrior Adventures Canada trip will become a member of our growing network and online community.

Phase 3 will finish with a post-trip survey about your experiences and how you’ve grown.


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